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Erbaluce DOCG

Considering the vineyard extension and the commercial value of the produced wines, the Erbaluce grape is certainly the principle native grape of the Canavese.

This grapevine has great characteristics and finds its name in the colours of the fruits. In autumn its grapes reach a strong amber colour on the sides exposed to the sun.

40 years since the D.O.C. was established Erbaluce confirms itself as a wine that represents the Canavese culture, an inheritance from our history, traditions and socioeconomic events.

The need to define the general characters of the specific territory of Erbaluce, comes from the awareness to work with a very vigorous grapevine, but at the same time very demanding. So demanding that it is not appropriate for cultivation outside its natural habitat.

The soil of our hills finds its origin from the moraine formation responsible for the richness in diverse ground elements for the great variety of decayed rocks they are formed from.

We find here acid soils, with little limestone but rich in phosphorous and potassium, all chemical elements that are easily recognizable in our musts and our wines.

The average annual temperature is around 13°C. The cultivation on hilly soils allows an optimal drain of the water and assures an optimal exposition to sun light.

Not to be forgotten is the influence of a rich woody patch that allows an equilibrated development of pests natural predators in a completely natural an organic manner.